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What is the True Cost of Mortgage Advice Fees

Many experts have been demanding that banks and other lending institutions provide more accurate and clear information on the costs of their mortgage advice. The current regulations can mean that a bank can appear to have much lower costs associated with a mortgage loan than, say, a mortgage broker, who is obliged […]

All You Need To Know About Debt Relief Orders

All You Need To Know About Debt Relief Orders (DRO) The financial climate within the UK continues to be a perilous place and it is extremely common for people to find themselves accruing higher levels of debt than they want and/or can manage. However, a Debt Relief Order is one of the ways in which […]

Mortgage Market Review and Its Impact For Borrowers

Robin Hood was famous for robbing the rich to give to the poor and you could be forgiven for thinking that today the very wealthy were attempting the reverse that situation when it comes to securing the best mortgage deals. It appears that there is one set of rules for some and a […]

High Net Worth Mortgage Market is Prospering in the UK

The mainstream mortgage market in the UK has, in recent years, been beset by a number of crises brought on by the economic slump. This has made it difficult for ordinary borrowers to reliably access mortgages that would have been easy to secure a few years ago in better times. […]

Why Borrowers are Increasingly Seeking Specialist Mortgage Advice

More and more borrowers in the UK are using the services of specialist mortgage advisers to help them secure the best home loan deal.The Council of Mortgage Lenders revealed that brokers increased their market share across all business types in the first quarter of 2013; a clear indication that customers want […]

The Dangers of a Foreign Currency Mortgage

In the 2000s some British mortgage borrowers who were sold complicated foreign currency mortgages are suffering a disadvantage with high repayments and increasing debt because of large fluctuations in exchange rates. The hardest hit borrowers have been those with home loans linked to the Japanese yen which has recentlyrisen to levels not […]

Low Risk Borrowers Favored in the Mortgage Market

Low risk home loan borrowers who have a mortgage at a low loan to value, so that they have significantly more equity in their homes than the amount they have borrowed, are the main beneficiaries of the record low interest rates currently available in the UK. This low rate environment in […]

Mortgage Lending at its Highest Level Since 2007

The latest official figures show that the recovery in the UK’s large mortgage market is alive and well and continued into the third quarter of 2013. The most recent data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) showed that 27.1 billion of house purchase loans were advanced between July and September, […]