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Visitors enjoy the garden and silly sculpture on the way

Visitors enjoy the garden and silly sculpture on the way to the greenhouse. We provide the nicest van and driver who will putter up and down the road to deliver shoppers and purchases to and from their cars to the greenhouse. Don’t miss the fun!. The more the standard of the hotel in London rises, […]

What Can Private Banks Offer a Mortgage Borrower

Mainstream banks and building societies are increasingly targeting high net worth mortgage clients who typically have a large deposit and so are viewed as lower risk. But are these lenders the best option for someone seeking a larger than average mortgage? There are still other options, in particular private banks that […]

More Choice of Mortgage Deals for High Deposit Borrowers

Over the last six years the number of deals available to high value mortgage clients has been decreasing. As lenders have fallen by the wayside and those that remain have become more reluctant to lend, the choice of large mortgage deals has fallen sharply. However, new research has found one area of […]

Large Mortgage Choice Greater Than Ever

If you have been seeking to secure a large mortgage (one in excess of a million pounds) then 2013 has been a year when you were likely to find a bigger choice of deals than at any time since the start of the economic slump. More and more mainstream banks and other […]