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We assembled a squad at huge expense, but they have

We assembled a squad at huge expense, but they have turned out to be far from the sum of their parts. Bad decisions are now the hallmark and it has got to the point where we almost expect them as a matter of course. They are the norm. Pay you insurance premiums annually. This will reduce the administration costs for the insurance company which, in return, will generally reward you with lower insurance premiums. Ask prospective insurance companies whether any additional discounts are available. They have (or once had) epic journalism, that you couldn’t find anywhere else (which is pretty cool to hear on the Times’ site). They’re insanely local almost tribal. They’re crusaders. The turn lane is poorly marked only two arrows very close to its end. At the busiest traffic times of the day, there are two types of drivers there: flying past numerous cars only to ease in closer to the stoplight, often accompanied by squealing brakes; Cheap NFL Jerseys or hapless tourists headed to Williamsburg Plantation time shares who don’t have adequate advance warning to get in the left through lane. VDOT simply needs to paint several additional right turn arrows on the pavement. Epps refused to plead contest and accept a dismissal as others had. He demanded a bench trial, so he could be found not guilty which happened Sept. 17 before Judge H. Fracking requires hazardous chemicals. These have been linked to cancer, developmental defects, hormone disruption, and other conditions. As many as 600 toxins are required, including lead, uranium, mercury, radium, methylene chloride, formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, benzene, toluene, and xylene. He also said his company will stop turning over expired license throwback jerseys plates to buyers. Critics of police checkpoints say the practice creates a cycle in which the people who lose their cars at checkpoints are the same ones buying different vehicles titanium spork at the auctions. On Aug. Good grief comes straight from the Citizens HR department. I hear it every day. Citizens is a bank that the customer at the heart Wholesale Jerseys of what they do Yeah enough long as it doesn require any outlay of people, technology or money. A level of price where people start changing habits, said Will Speer, an analyst in Houston with the research firm GasBuddy. Gas prices became so affordable, you never would have considered the SUV because it was guzzling so much gas. Now if you look up how many Google searches of car efficiency, that has actually gone down with lowering of gasoline prices.

I was wondering why you do not suggest the country

I was wondering why you do not suggest the country of origin take responsibility, that is the root cause of the problem. You take care of business there, the problem goes away. Putting the responsibility on others, solves nothing, it allows the injustice to continue. By the 1990s, laser and GPS guided bombs (known collectively as PGMs, for precision guided munitions) were wholesale football jerseys relegating unguided, “dumb” bombs largely to the past. Yet like their predecessors, PGMs proved no panacea. In the opening stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, for example, 50 precision “decapitation strikes” targeting dictator Saddam Hussein’s top leadership failed to hit any of their intended targets, while causing “dozens” of civilian deaths. More recently, on cheap china jerseys October 21, the New York Times featured a fashion piece on Tinsley and her husband, Topper Mortimer, 32, an heir to the Standard Oil fortune, who criticized his wife’s Paris Hiltonesque lifestyle.However, according to a 2006 story in Richmond’s Style Weekly, Mercer is as concerned about his family’s status as his daughter. When New York Daily News gossip columnist Lloyd Grove wrote that Tinsley “rose from humble beginnings in Richmond, Va., and bagged Standard Oil heir Topper Mortimer as a husband in 2002,” Mercer shot back.”To refer to her as having humble beginnings. Is totally inaccurate,” he wrote to Grove. The truth is the nfl jerseys cheap white poppy campaign is a cheap attempt by an activist group to try to subvert a solemn non partisan day of observance. Shameful.? QMI Agency YOUR CALL Wetaskiwin Times Online poll What do you think of the white poppy campaign? n Great, I support it n It?s an awful idea n Why not wear both red and white? 14% No 86% Yes Last week?s question: Should schools have an honour roll or give out awards for academic achievement? Time to lose the egos and show appreciation So, in case there was an ambiguity surrounding my feelings on the white poppy campaign, let me be clear. Whereas normally pictures taken with an APS C sensor camera would look grainy at ISO 1600 or 3200, I was happy to let the three go to ISO 6400 and even 12800 and still get really good pictures.Another novelty was lenses focal length being what they said they are without awkward 1.5 or 1.6 multipliers. A 50mm lens is just that and not a 75mm or 80mm as it would be on an APS C sensor camera.When it comes to lenses though, there is some bad news. The good ones are still really expensive and keep their value. Similarly, Motorola chose to go titanium spork online with Flipkart for its second innings in India. The company has launched three models Moto G, Moto X and Moto E in the last six months, all exclusively on Flipkart. With its competitive pricing and performance, the brand has overtaken Nokia to reach the No.

Issues: Motorized sliding doors almost never seem to be worth

Issues: Motorized sliding doors almost never seem to be worth the headaches they cause many minivan owners after a few years. Many models across virtually all makes have owners reporting issues around motor failure, broken motorized door hardware, and wonky switches, sensors and grounds, which can cause frustratingly sporadic operation that often results in violent weeping. In many cases, random functionality of a wonky minivan sliding door system is more frustrating than total non functionality. I loved playing high school football and even got to help coach it for a couple of seasons. My children cheap nfl jerseys shop all played football. Unfortunately, the very significant risk of injury in football would make me really think twice about recommending it as a second sport. Just by having the kitchen you can save money by cooking your own food. Plus, you can chat with neighbors who can give you all the local tips about the city you are visiting. Try bidding for hotel deals. Well, not quite forever. But the latest Slowhand anthology does cover more than three decades of his massive career and catalogue specifically his years with Warner and Reprise, from 1983 Money and Cigarettes right up to last year JJ Cale tribute The Breeze. The trouble: All wholesale jerseys of it has been previously released, tons of hits are still MIA, there no DVD component, liner notes are minimal and musician credits non existent. A couple of Saturdays ago, it happened again. I bought a working “Domestic” brand sewing machine, circa 1880, with walnut cabinet and foot treadle, for $10. A couple of hours later, I plunked down $2 for a old steel laundry tub with wooden handles and a built in wholesale youth jerseys washboard. By seeking free divorce forms and papers on the internet, you can aquire a head start about the separation between you and your husband. Looking at any free divorce forms and papers that you will find entry to on the internet gives you an titanium cup opportunity to understand just what are usually necesary during the process of divorce. Just going over the sample forms on the internet can present you with the information you’ll need to be able to become acquainted with the required procedures to be able to finalize the divorce.. The show is what some of us were afraid Interviews with Monster Girls would be some guy named JoJo (no, not that JoJo; that would make this a much better show) interviewing the animes about what they’re into right now. Which is stuff like “the human world” and “reading by myself.” Bleh. Moving on.I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but Nyanko Days could actually stand to be a bit longer.

Want them to see their potential and know that they

Want them to see their potential and know that they can make it, Godfrey says. Think they constantly told that they won make it, that they only stay in Maina. Peterson is the first person to come back to Maina Primary School to give any kind of aid. Melinda bought licensed computer software from Cyberzone. Because of the high price she paid for the purchase of the software, Melinda thought of reproducing copies of it cheap jerseys sale to be sold to friends and acquaintances. Melinda knew she would be violating the law. Orson C. Porter, Nike Inc. Director of governance and public affairs, sent a letter to bill sponsor Councilman Mike Jameson on Monday, stating the company support for an ordinance it believes to uphold the basic principles of equality and fairness. There are times when you need to cover your vehicle for a very short length of time, which is when this type of cover really comes into its own. Buying cover that lasts a year is then a waste of money in these situations, so you really ought to go for temporary car insurance in such circumstances.The internet is full of companies that offer temporary policies for your car or van. There are even companies that specialise in temporary car insurance because there is now considerable demand for it. Save the geezers. Not that I’d ever be one, mind you. Then as I grew older I learned that the Social Security system was this huge Ponzi Scheme kind of thing that was being so irresponsibly mismanaged that it would eventually crash under its own weight leaving millions of those of us approaching geezer dom without cheap jerseys a safety anything. Web hosting can cost anywhere from $5 dollars a month to $250 a month. With webhosting you do get what you pay for, but you don’t have to pay more than $50 a month to get a good web hosting account. For titanium spork just $35 you get an account that is affordable without compromising on quality.. We see this regularly here from a determined corps of right leaning bloggers who almost never say anything positive about the state they cheap nfl jerseys call home, trashing it at every opportunity. Their constant tide of belittling commentary moved Gov. Jerry Brown to coin a new term “declinists” for them. I would have to check past archives (certainly other Hop fans here on LP can help), but when in the spring of 1967 Hopkins defeated the Mount! We (fans, players, coaches; anyone) knew that that Hopkins team had real potential! It proved so for the next three or so years. Stating this all from pure memory you understand and at my advanced age, perhaps a detail or two have been de synapased. However, I think here not so.

Sees purchases run through our system now on credit and

Sees purchases run through our system now on credit and debit cards for bitcoin exchange. We do not block these kind of transactions for money services. In the case you raised, we don believe the location of the machine offering the exchange is relevant, nor is what the person is going to purchase with the virtual currency. Solar Sister is targeting women, because they typically are the ones who manage household utilities. The nonprofit now has 143 entrepreneurs who have sold more than 3,500 solar lighting products in Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan, benefiting titanium Fork an estimated 17,600 lives. According to the industry rule of thumb, one solar lamp system will benefit an average of five people in a household.. No Prescription! Quality Medications! Fast Delivery! audi a4 3.0 station wagon usata estradiol, No Prescription Required! SALE from PharmSale! Buy Aciphex Online Auto Clearance Quotes Amantadine Online Pharmacy, No Prescription Required Drugs at Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Tennuate Dospan at Discount Buy Lipitor Online Sale: Prozac/Paxil/Wellbutrin SR/Lexapro Sale: Female Viagra/Diflucan/Dostinex/Prometrium/Clomid/Premarin etc. Maplestory white knight 3rd job advancement question 2011 Employment History ADDERALL 30mg x 30 Pills $195 No Prescription Required VISA or e Check ONLY Make the Beginning of Your New Life Without Pain! calcio del mar Generic Fioricet 40mg 90 Tabs Only $69 Buy VIAGRA Online from $0.76 Sale: Ventolin/Advair/Spiriva/Nasonex/Sterapred/Flonase/Singulair!!!! Harley Davidson Credit ricochet ridge ranch 474v remote banta publications can i break pink oxycodone 10mg Order Antibiotics Online With No Prescription! GENERIC DIFLUCAN PLUS MUCH MORE Online Travel Insurance Diazepam 10mg x 120 Pills $249 VISA ONLY Certified Canadian Pharmacy. Order online. Landgraf worries a lot about how to make compelling shows at affordable prices. After he arrived at FX in 2004 leaving his job as head of Danny DeVito’s Jersey Television he wanted to cheap nfl jerseys shop add comedies to bring new viewers cheap jerseys to the network. FX had made a name for itself with dark dramas “The Shield” and “Nip/Tuck” but had no luck with lighter fare.. 1 pound of dry white beans cost as little as $1.09. After soaking or boiling for about an hour 1 pound (approximately 2 1/2 cups) of these little beans should equal around 6 cups of cooked beans.15 oz. Cans of white beans began at $1 per can (on sale) and increased to well over $2 depending on the brand. This is a dish I’ve had hundreds of times at different restaurants but was easily the best. Beautifully creamy and spiced at the right level it was packed with an authentic taste and an hockey jerseys abundance of flavour. Hubby had the Chicken Biryani (10.95), chicken cooked with rice with a blend of savoury flavours and served with a lovely sauce.

The batter flavor quickly shifted from mild to bland, and

The batter flavor quickly shifted from mild to bland, and although we initially told our waiter we were fine without condiments, we subsequently begged him for a bottle of malt vinegar, which gave the fish the shot in the fin it needed, but which also soggied the batter. By the third filet we figured out that a shot of juice from the three generous lemon slices in the basket was an even better flavor boost. The plate also comes with a little cup of tartar sauce, which will suit if you’re a tartar sauce fan, but after one little taste we rejected it out of hand.. “They just don recognize that in these unregulated, unsafe doses, it can be so deadly.”According to the FDA, warning symptoms of caffeine overdose include rapid or erratic heartbeat, seizures and death. It also warns that symptoms are likely to be more severe than drinking too much coffee or tea.The cheap jerseys Director of the Drug and Alcohol Resource Center at Southern Connecticut State University Sara Michaud said too much of the caffeine can cause rapid or erratic heartbeats and even seizures.”There is a concern especially among student athletes. They feel it is safe because it is sold online and is cheap online,” Michaud said. But before you book, bear in mind that you will be required to pay $14 (9) for an “Esta” to gain admission to the US. In addition, Air Canada and British Airways are not the only game in town. Air titanium pot Transat, bookable through Canadian Affair, has excellent fares from Gatwick and other UK airports. The competition for top talent is not simply a battle fought among multinationals. Both state owned and private Chinese enterprises are snapping up a greater share of the top talent pool by means of compelling offerings, often at the expense of multinationals. The latter traditional advantages in attracting talent prestigious brands, higher compensation and career development opportunities are eroding. We hate the vulgarity of Trump and his disgusting, self serving insults to Mexicans and whomever else. That is the exact opposite of what we believe in. But we might pause, as a nation, to ask Cheap NFL Jerseys ourselves exactly why it has taken a big mouth with lots of money to awaken America to a problem many were afraid to talk about.. Nike dunk shoes lineup shall are wearing one particular design essential exclusive of losing out on modern day day Jersey you can world war and still staying with the common sort of tee shirt architecture, passionate through a couple of primary national token nicer looking any kind of a cheap football jerseys maintenance. New Jersey owning a modernized style of V shaped dog collar, jacket and black building on top of both sides with this line at best in some sort of sleeve would be ornamented obtaining a natural pattern of clea fat. Tee shirt back of the shirt causing rather than Zealand flag traditional with gourmet, traditional residence receiver collar behind silver fern message.

An automobile touch up paint can take care of these

An automobile touch up paint can take care of these minor localized scratches. A totally new paint job from car companies costs a premium. However, there are other options available like auto body shops who offer quality service at reasonable prices. For Magtuba, Kim, wholesale nfl jerseys and Wu, it also about respect. If such protections were city law, and not bestowed according to the whims of hotel management, then workers might feel empowered to come forward titanium spoon with complaints or fears. Will respect who works at the hotel, says Magtuba. Burgers and chicken sandwiches range from $7.79 to $9.49 and come with fries or chips. Sandwiches or subs (hot and cold) come with the same ($7.29 to $8.99). Salads start at $6.79 for a Caesar to $8.99 for a chicken fajita salad and similar.There are diner like, seafood and Italian dinners ($8.99 to $12.99) that include soup or salad, potato, vegetable and garlic bread.A Friday fish fry ($11.99) comes with potato, coleslaw and rye bread. Got to drink your water while you doing Spice, states Tanaya. Wholesale Jerseys Lot of people get dehydrated, and that why a lot of people are passing out. Her fingertips are blistered and burnt from smoldering stubs. A former corporate lawyer, Stocks launched the Calendar Island Mussel Co. In 2011, starting with a few rope rafts floating on a couple of acres in the middle of the bay. He expanded his lease holdings to 7 acres last year, hoping to meet the growing market for mussels he ships to Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The Uncork Kansas corporate overlords will say that they are for a “free market,” but are they really following free market principles when they wring out tax breaks and subsidies from local and state governments? The bill they introduced will keep the Wholesale NFL Jerseys “free market” of alcohol sales to only grocery, convenience and liquor stores. No alcohol for Walgreens, CVS, Dollar Tree, Menards, etc. The bill does not match their rhetoric of a level playing field or a free market. For starters, the 6200 features half the pixel pipes of the 6600, and 1/4 that of the 6800. Next, the 6200 will be available in two versions: one with a 128 bit memory bus like the 6600 and one with a 64 bit memory bus, effectively cutting memory bandwidth in half. Finally, NVIDIA cut the core clock on the 6200 down to 300MHz as the final guarantee that it would not cannibalize sales of their more expensive cards.. “But sure, if you want. I don’t know how interesting it’s gonna be, but I can make you a copy. It’s mostly in addition to my normal duties at the moment, so it’ll take a bit of time.” Her nose wrinkles. That stock price is higher than what EverBank is currently trading for on the New York Stock Exchange. EverBank saw a notable increase in stock value Monday when several media outlets most notably Bloomberg financial news reported the company was considering a sale. The bank’s stock price opened at $15.56 per share Monday and climbed to $17.62 per share before closing at $17.56 per share.

This is an Enterprise by Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive of

This is an Enterprise by Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive of Compassion in World Farming and Visiting Professor at the University of Winchester. Lymbery is Chief Executive of leading international farm animal welfare organisation Compassion in World Farming (Compassion) and Visiting Professor at the University of Winchester. He played leading roles in many major animal welfare reforms, including Europe wide bans on veal crates for calves and barren battery cages for laying hens. A’Hearn’s Riverside cast meets all expectations, and then some. Explosive ensemble work creates the busy factory, the streets, the taverns, and finally the student led Battle of the Barricades where we find ourselves on the same side as the young revolutionaries. Their singing of “Red and Black” makes you want to leap to the front with them, and the rousing “Do You Hear the People Sing?” is a pulse stirring call to arms.. State Treasurer Don Stenberg (left) laughs with Ivie Butt and her husband, Myles Butt (right), of Central City as he introduces their son, Nebraska Educational Savings Trust Birthday Baby Gable Butt, on Wednesday morning at CHI Health St. Francis in Grand Island. The laughter began as Stenberg asked the couple if Gable was their first titanium Spoon child. Glen Canyon has eight hydroelectric turbine generators that the Bureau of Reclamation says produce about 5 billion kilowatt hours of hydroelectric power per year for distribution by the Western Area Power Administration to Nebraska and six of seven Colorado River basin states. Rep. Rob Bishop, R Utah, chairman of the House Committee on Natural cheap jerseys Resources, accused Jewell of “making long term decisions before the clock runs out” on President Barack Obama’s administration.. Most window covering manufacturers buy slats from the same 3 wholesale jerseys or 4 companies that produce them. To confuse things further, the window blind manufacturers have made their own names for the same materials, same sizes, and same shapes (a 2 1/2 ” composite blinds slat can have as may different names as there are companies using them). Hopefully this site can simplify this for you. See Health for more information.3. SECURITYCrimeCrimes of opportunity such as petty theft and pickpocketing occur, particularly in urban centres and tourist locations. Do not leave bags or valuables unattended in parked cars (especially rental vehicles and even in trunks) or in plain view. Need to do this work to increase the reliability of the system. That main goes down, it feeds a good portion of the south side. The long list doesn stop there. Ball moss is not a moss at all. It’s an epiphytic air plant that secures itself to tree branches, lives largely off Cheap NFL Throwback Jerseys rain, and isn’t parasitic although it might compete with its host for light. There are many epiphytic plants in the world.

He and other Wharton faculty predict that Best Buy is

He and other Wharton faculty predict that Best Buy is likely to gain the biggest share of sales left behind following Circuit City liquidation in March. After 60 years in business, the Richmond, Va. Based retailer, which peaked with 700 stores and sales of roughly $10 billion, became a casualty of the current recession and competition from Best Buy, Wal Mart and others. The government offices, and some nonprofits, paid about $3.7 million for inmate labor in fiscal 2012. That’s up slightly from $3.5 million in 2010, according to information obtained through a public cheap football jerseys records request at the Department of Corrections. Agencies range from the state Department of Transportation which pays $50 a day to local community centers, the governor’s mansion and universities and K 12 school systems.. Initially I wasn’t really sure if I would titanium spork enjoy it, I was worried there would be more focus on the nightlife than actual skiing and before I signed onto the trip there wasn’t a huge amount of information available on what it would be like. The journey ended up being around a 20 hour journey on the way there and a 16 hour journey on the way back (and I got off early!). However despite those travel times it’s not as bad as it sounds. By the time I was confronted with this man and his travesty of a business, though, it had been maybe a year since my last review. I wasn’t yet aware that Yelp had lost its standing, owing to its widespread abuse via malfeasance, fraud and downright pettiness. What I was aware of, cheap jerseys acutely, was my anger. “When people sell fake pills appearing to be oxycodone but actually containing the more powerful pain medicine fentanyl, lives are at risk,” said Tennessee Department of Health Chief Medical Officer David Reagan, MD, PhD. “Buying or using fake pills is unwise for many reasons, the most important of which is the possibility of death from overdose. We strongly advise those with dependence on pain pills to seek help, as addiction is a treatable disease. I understand that this issue will draw an emotional response from neighbors of Pierce Woods Park. But Wholesale Football Jerseys to slander a good corporate citizen who has gone above and beyond what’s required to beautify the surrounding area and enhance the remaining six and a half acres of park land is unconscionable. There has been no extortion, and certainly no deception throughout this process. Others say they have been due to the large amount of new development in the area.One of these projects was a new protected bike lane on Broadway. The two way lane stretches over 6 blocks and opened in August.Besides the numerous top rated restaurants scattered throughout the neighborhood, Baker boasts a vibrant mix of small businesses and eateries that include the fast growing Punch Bowl Social, local favorite Sugar Bakeshop Coffee House and Sputnik, a highly regarded, eclectic bar and restaurant.One other spot hailed as a must visit is Atomic Cowboy, which houses Fat Sully Pizza and Denver Biscuit Company.There also no shortage of craft breweries in Baker from TRVE Brewing (a member of the popular Denver “Passport” program), to Crazy Mountain Brewing Company (which is, in fact, growing like crazy), to Black Sky Brewery and more, there are plenty of spots to kick back with a brew in the neighborhood.Other businesses to check out include Fancy Tiger Clothing Crafts, Buffalo Exchange, a new and recycled clothing store, CorePower Yoga, the rapidly growing fitness chain headquartered in Denver and the long time Denver toy store The Wizard Chest, which left its 33 year home in Cherry Creek and relocated to 451 Broadway in 2015.For the more adventurous, Baker is also home to Hi Dive, which describes itself as a “funky bar and stage with cheap drinks and live music.” There also Compound Basix, a gay friendly watering hole with live DJs, as well as Studio Lites, a lingerie store with unique accessories and vintage items.The neighborhood is also home to much of the Underground Music Showcase. Started in 2000, the extremely popular four day fest features more than 400 local and national music acts performing at about 20 venues.To serve the large Hispanic population there and throughout metro Denver, Mi Casa Resource Center is located in Baker.

Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:How To: Fix Your Fatigue

Dow: / NASDAQ: / S 500:How To: Fix Your Fatigue And Get More EnergyThere is a silver lining for some in the current recession cloud. Homes, many in some of the poshest neighborhoods in the country, are at their most affordable rates in decades.are looking at the best affordability conditions since we have measurement back in 1970, said Walter Molony, spokesman for the National Association of Realtors, which calculates a monthly index of the relationship among home prices, mortgage interest rates and family incomes.Despite doom and gloom reports over home foreclosures in the past year, the outlook is good for prospective homebuyers who were shut out during the housing bubble a few years back, real estate agents across the nation say. Many people, they say, were stymied by inflated prices and risky mortgage strategies. But here’s an idea: Why not get you and a friend tickets for the shows in Newark, New Jersey (on sale later today), book a fancy hotel, buy yourself two shiny Rolling Stones t shirts, buy every record they’ve ever made to increase the excitement. Hell, try buy a stake in the band itself. It’ll still total far less than 125,000.. I decided to go a bit left field with the Sunday choice of venue and the upshot is that it’s a devil of a job to judge the steak at Maylands Peninsula Golf Club. The kitchen is a household barbecue outside the clubhouse, the steak seems to come in one variety (well done) and the chips are pre cooked. Yet despite these encumbrances, I enjoy the meal much more than the previous night at Durty Nelly’s. But the key to luring shoppers back has been changes in stores. Target has been updating its fashion, baby Wholesale NFL Jerseys products and home decor. It’s overhauled the fit of its jeans, resulting in at least 10 percent sales growth. It may sound like the Caldwell children had no free time, but with all of them doing their share, there were moments wholesale youth football jerseys of fun. Willa Vay especially enjoyed playing games with the brothers who were closest to her in age. “We played war with corn cobs,” she said. But wait! Then he goes home to find that a ghost lives in his room! He’s fighting her when all of a sudden a magical girl flies in on a broom! They’re arguing when a hole in the floor opens up and an underground lady with huge boobs walks in and offers Koutarou a pile of gold for his apartment, and she’s in the process of rubbing her breasts against his arm when a magical symbol appears on the wall and an alien princess comes in titanium 450ml cup and he gropes her and then she tries to blow things up and then her helper/friend/babysitter who is also an alien shows up and then!!!!So Cheap NFL Jersey yes, if ever a show felt like it was written by an excited nine year old, this would be it. And there is something fun and appealing about that this is wacky and zany and the escalation mostly works. All of the girls look different, the shabbiness of the apartment is very well portrayed, and the general lunacy doesn’t feel nearly as overdone as it might.