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The Pros and Cons of Re-affirming a Debt in Bankruptcy

Under normal circumstances, when you reaffirm a debt, you are required
to sign a contract with the lender that you are going to continue making
the payments until you clear all the balances. Such contracts include
taking mortgages or a vehicle loan. However, you need to be very careful
when signing such contracts as it may lead to be totally out of
bankruptcy. In other words, if you fail to make continuous payments, as
the deal requires, the lender has the authority to reposes the property
you acquired from the loan you were given, for instance, the vehicle you
bought and other personal properties to settle down the balances owed
from you.

Signing reaffirmation agreement has several advantages. These include the following:

First, since the debt by the lender doesn’t show the amount discharged
on your credit, then, you will continue to receive all the affirmative
impacts on your credit from regularly monthly payments.

Secondly, the agreement is a deal between the lender and the receiver so
that both negotiate for the better terms and conditions for the
existing loan. Therefore, the lender will be certain that the loan
receiver will not walk away without clearing the outstanding balances.

Thirdly, the reaffirmation agreement will be used to calculate the
interest rate deductions that will helpful to the person being advanced
with the loan, such that his/her monthly payments would be more
affordable. In addition, principal balance reduction will be indicated

Finally, upon signing reaffirmation agreement, you will be certain that
all the laws have been complied with and you will be sure that security
of your property. Therefore, the lender will not be able to repose your
property such as your vehicle unless you have defaulted in making your
regular monthly payments.

However, reaffirmation agreement has its drawbacks, and the following is the most common:

If you fail to clear all the outstanding loan balances, the property
acquired will be reposed to clear it. The worst-case condition is that
you are less likely to ask for another loan in the future. Some lenders
can blacklist your name and other lenders would shy away from you.

All reaffirmation agreement must done in the lending office upon which
the loan will be processed. The agreement must be witnessed and
thereafter signed by you (whom loan will be given), a bankruptcy judge,
and the lender. In addition, the agreement must approved by the court;
therefore, the loan requester and the attorney must appear before the
court to affirm your agreement before the judge that you will be able
repay the loan each month. However, most lenders charge additional fees
to facilitate the above extra steps.

Money Matters – The Fastest Growing Financial Services Company in India

you are in search of a perfect financial service firm in India which
will meet your needs; then you will have dozens of options left in your
hand to bank on. But one name which comes out as a striking presence as
the most reliable financial service firm in India is none other than
Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. It’s simply remarkable to witness
such a huge growth of this company in such a short span of time; for now
the company has a client base ranging right from TATA Group, Reliance
ADAG, Adani Group, Jindal group, Birla Group, Future Group to DLF and
Bharat Forge.

Rajesh Sharma is the man whose efforts and dedication led his company
upfront to achieve such great heights in terms of progress. Mr. Rajesh
Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Money Matters Financial Services
Ltd. Even at the time of recession, Rajesh Sharma’s Money Matters
didn’t get affected by any global economy effect. Now this has been
possible due to Rajesh Sharma’s leadership skills and his company’s
reputation which helped him to get good business deals for the company
even at the crucial time

Money Matters Financial Services Ltd’s areas of expertise are as follows –

.Debt syndication

.Debt placement

.Financial restructuring and many more.

Matters Financial Services Ltd. believes in becoming a leading
institutional debt market firm in India and intends to provide services
related to Core debt market practice, Investment banking and Asset
financing which provides short term and long term financial needs of
corporate houses.

Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. believes
in dealing clients by developing a personal relation with clients in
order to understand their needs, by which they provide customized
solutions to various financial needs of the clients.

Mr. Rajesh
Sharma believes that the key to success for Money Matters Financial
Services Ltd. is based on experienced management, innovative
structuring, effective execution, strong relationship capital and
diverse client base which resulted in the company to set milestones in
the field of banking service.

As it is said, ‘Fortune favors the
brave’. This stands true in case of Rajesh Sharma and his success which
also has been inspired others.

Finding The Best Mortgage Broker In Brisbane

The road to own a house may have many traps; one missteps may get you
completely broke. If you are buying a home for the very first time in
Brisbane and you are completely perplexed about what to do, start with
finding the best mortgage brokers in Brisbane.

Buying a home in Brisbane and finding loan can be a daunting mission
and it may appear too tempting to simply buy the first house that fits
in your budget or to just continue living in a rented house. Let the
challenges of buying a home does not trounce your desire of own home.
Here are the top tips to find a best mortgage brokers in Brisbane to
simplify the entire process for you:

Take References

This is the easiest but most important step. Talk to your
acquaintances, friends or neighbors in Brisbane who might have recently
bought a house from one of the mortgage brokers in Brisbane. Make a list
with complete address and contact numbers.

Do A Homework

Now that you have lead to some of the names of mortgage companies and
brokers who can help you, it is time to do some homework. You can use
resources like phone and internet to research about these names. You can
check about current offers (if any) and general terms and conditions to
use their services.

It is important to keep in mind that if you
take a loan from them, they would be associated to you for long 20 or
30 years; so, do not hesitate to ask questions that really matters to
you. Compare shop for loans to find the best deal possible.

Weigh The Deals

If you are offered some tempting deals, check it to be right and not be
misleading you into some non-agreeable conditions. Be wise enough to
know what is right for you.

Get Offers In Writing

If you are dealing with an online mortgage broker, it is very necessary
to take the offers made in writing. If possible, meet them personally
or ask them to send you written offers.

Don’t Let The Dates And Names Puzzle You

The offered offers may have some ending dates to make it quite
imperative to keep a note of all the important dates in a well organized
folder. In case of any dispute on amount, date or name of the offer,
you would always have a ready proof to refer and support your argument.

Look For Stable Establishment

An established mortgage broker would always have a stable office and
verified contact number. A stable establishment is an affirmation that
you know where you have to reach the brokers in any case of requirement.

Enquire About Complaint Mechanism

While you are hunting for best mortgage broker in Brisbane, make sure
that you adequately enquire about their mechanism to file and resolve
complaints. These details would come handy in case of any dispute and
would also be the most important deciding factor in selecting the best
mortgage broker.

Ask For Broker’s Basis Of Recommendation

Generally, mortgage brokers in Brisbane recommend loans on commission
basis. It is important to know this so as to get an idea if the broker
is charging you extra over their commission to make the deal more
expensive for you.

After checking all the things to be
satisfactory, make sure that you feel confident and comfortable with
your selected mortgage broker for an effective and fruitful association.

Why to Deal With Debt Recovery Brisbane And Debt Recovery Sydney

The most effective way to recover bad financial debts is through a debt
collectors and restoration organization. A professional selection
organization specializes in the approaches and a methodology needed to
quickly gather bad debts as that is their primary focus and competency.
And, as many professional debt collectors work on a contingency-basis,
they do not earn any cash unless they are successful at recovering your

Hiring a debt recovery in Sydney Australia organization
will allow you remain targeted on your day-to-day company specifications
and your employees remain targeted on their duties and
responsibilities, knowing that your excellent records are being pursued
by debts restoration experts. A professional debt collection
organization has experience dealing with debts avoidance tactics, as
well as how to break through disputes to gather more of your cash for
you, and more importantly represent your company professionally to avoid
any liability, stress and further loss of cash.

frequently, when referring to merging, the term means that a person goes
to a lender who is able to settle with individuals, and arrange
including interest reductions and extended expenses over some time. In
return, the debtor stops charging and makes a per month (or weekly)
payment to the merging organization. That organization then makes
expenses on each excellent debt that falls under the terms of the loan
for the client. Under some preparations, the customer continues to make
the expenses and forwards a per month fee to the merging organization.

Many small companies do not have the time to throw away merely mailing a
type letter for collections. Your personal phone calls are wasted on
voice mails and your endeavors’ are going straight to the dumps. The
majority of the individuals around understand that you do not have the
ability to threaten them with any type of real action. Moving forward
with independent is a simple solution to this way of issue. Reducing the
pressure of trying to gather the funds owed to you as well as relieving
the demands of monitoring delinquent records.

Several debt
recovery Brisbane and debt recovery Sydney firms specialize in helping
you reduce your debts. Managing debts companies handle your records for a
small per month fee. They also settle lower rates with your creditors.
Using a debts plan may temporarily freeze your credit score, depending
on your lenders. However, most plans can get you out of temporary debts
in less than five years.

Debt recovery in Brisbane Australia
organizations can also provide additional solutions to the primary
company of debts restoration. For instance, a selection organization may
also provide legal solutions, enquiry agents, process serving,
organization searches, and credit score history & organization
formations in addition to debt collection solutions. An organization
providing all of these solutions can therefore be a “one stop shop” for
your credit score control specifications.

Money Matters Financial Services Ltd Appoints Two New Board Of Directors

Employing and deploying services is the crux of any business which
indeed needs to be nurtured to the best by the right kind of talent in
order to be successful in today’s competitive era.

Money Matters a top notch financial services firm
understands this root of successful business and is at peak due to the
strong pillar of its highly influential and esteemed board family.

– inventing the wheel of being self made man Rajesh Sharma – Money
Matters founder of entrepreneur started up from scratch and build a
booming empire. With a focus to define Money Matters Financial Services
Ltd the most reputable and reliable organization Mr. Rajesh as a
chairman and managing director of the company has bought in his profound
knowledge and well – off experience in the field of Loan Syndication,
Innovating new financial products, Devising Investment strategies for
clients and financial risk management.

His immense effort has
rewarded Money Matters Financial Services Ltd being a leading player in
India. Embodying CSR and making Money Matter an organization of high
standing globally across a decade is the vision of this professional
charted accountant.

addition, Money Matters Financial Services Ltd welcomes aboard Mr.
Justice Bhagwati Prasad and Mr. Mukesh Kacker the independent board of
directors to employ advanced regulation by Mr. Prasad an LLM graduate
and par excellent policy making by Mr. Kacker an I.A.S, co- founder of
promoter and CMD of infrastructure consultancy firm – Kacker &
Daughter Infrastructure Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
( which marks up the firm’s accomplishment.

Achievements of our esteemed independent directors:
Mr. Justice Bhagwati Prasad-
– An enormous 24 years experience in law practices and judge of Rajasthan High Court in 1996.
– A Secretary, Rajasthan High Court Advocates Association in the year 1976.
– President of the Rajasthan High Court Advocates Association in the year 1986.
– Member of Bar Council of India for the period 1991 to 1993.
– Managing Trustee of Bar Council of India Trust for the period 1992-93.
– Senior Advocate at Supreme Court September 2011.
Mr. Mukesh Kacker
– Economics from Harvard University,U.S.A.
– Topper of Allahabad University in B.Sc (Physics, Mathematics, Statistics) and in M.A. (Political Science).
– Writer for the Economic Times, Financial Express, Business Standard and Governance.
Technical Expert on the Justice B.N.Srikrishna Committee that was
formed by the Government of India to advise it on the situation in
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
– Served as Director General, Institute for Competition & Regulation for non- profitable research.
– Advisor to Vestergaard Frandsen, Switzerland.

Are Private Banks an Alternative for Mortgage Lending

How satisfied are you with the state of UK banks? Have you found that
you have been unable to borrow the level of mortgage that you need
because mainstream lenders simply have a tick box mentality with regard
to affordability criteria? Are you struggling to find a good home loan
deal at a favorable rate of interest? Are the stringent lending criteria
of the high street banks and building societies preventing you from
moving house?

If you have experienced any of these problems then you are not alone.
Research has revealed that the majority of high net worth customers
believe that the UK banking industry could provide a better service to
borrowers. High Net Worth individuals (HNWs) are those who earn over
300,000 per year or hold over 3 million pounds of assets.

So, if
you’re looking for better banking or lending, a private bank mortgage
or bank account may be the answer. Private bank mortgages offer a great
alternative to ‘tick-box’ focused lenders.

The research from
Duncan Lawrie Private Bank questioned 1,000 clients, all of whom hold
assets of over 250,000. The survey found that seven out of ten of these
high net worth finance clients believe the UK banking industry could do

Around three quarters of respondents (76 per cent) to
this particular survey would prefer a more personalized service from
their banks. And, nearly one in ten said they have had their bank
accounts hacked. Of those people who were hacked, 18 per cent stated
that their bank did not recognize the change in spending habits that
should have flagged up a problem.

And it is not just the very
wealthy who have formed this opinion of banks. Mortgage Solutions has
reported that the banking sector has come under criticism in recent
years for its bonus culture, putting short-term profitability ahead of
customers and, more recently, the Libor-fixing scandal, which continues
to appear in the news long after it was first exposed.

As far as consumers are concerned the retail banking industry has
changed significantly in the last 30 to 40 years. Whilst bank customers
value the advantages of internet banking and mobile banking to help them
manage their accounts and finances more easily, they also wish for a
return to the traditional values that the banks once had as trusted
advisers who put the customers’ interests first. And this is why private
banks have increased in popularity.

As well as offering a
better banking service, private bank mortgages have also become more
popular, particularly among high value mortgage clients, in recent
years.Over the last few years, private banks have plugged a gap that has
been created by the reluctance of mainstream banks and building
societies to lend high value mortgages to high net worth clients.

Many London mortgage brokers have, during this period, built up strong
relationships with dozens of private banks in the UK and overseas. These
banks have an appetite to lend and are eager to offer their bespoke
services to high net worth mortgage clients.

High value mortgage
borrowers often have complicated income and property ownership
structures which fail to meet the ‘tick-box’ lending and affordability
criteria of mainstream banks.Private banks are much more likely to take
these factors into account and make a lending decision based on common
sense. They can offer flexible, tailored large mortgages and a level of
service which is demanded by high net worth clients.”

Free Debt Counseling

You may be looking at debt settlement and wondering how this works
and should you go ahead with it. Did you know in at least 12 states,
debt settlement is illegal? If you live in the following states:
Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New Jersey, New
Mexico, New York, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming be aware that
debt settlement companies are banned from doing business in these
states due to breaking state laws. Not every debt settlement company is
above board and operates within the laws of both the state and Federal

You need to be very careful with whom you deal with
if you are looking for a debt settlement company in any state. Some are
just flying by night that take your money and don’t negotiate with the
companies that you owe debts to. This leaves you with a much bigger
financial mess than you started out with. In principle, a debt
settlement company is one that negotiates with your debtors and gets
your payments down to where you can afford them. They negotiate for you
to owe less and when the debt is paid off, then you will no longer owe
the company and your credit report can be cleared.

In reality
however, there are many companies out there that just take your money
and the debtors never see it. So how can you avoid falling into this
type of trap? Doing your homework when it comes to these companies will
keep you out of the red zone. If you have a company in mind, you first
need to check them out through the BBB in your state. You also need to
check the company’s record and verify a physical address and telephone
number. Get references from the company and check them out before even
signing a contract with them.

Did you also know that you can do
debt settlement yourself? Bet you didn’t know that. You call up your
debtors and make arrangements through them to lower the debt. You really
do not need a debt settlement company to make those arrangements. Your
best bet is to beware the debt settlement companies and do it on your
own. Too many are known fraud factories, and if you are not careful, you
could be their next victim. There are several factors that can decide
whether or not you use a debt settlement company and that is your
particular choices on how to deal with the problem at hand.

Free Debt Counseling

For Free Counseling Send and Email to [email

Did Financial Services In South Africa Save Us During The Recession

Banks and financial services in South Africa play an important role
in the upkeep of our economy. The financial system of a nation will
determine how successful the country is. During the recession that
rocked the world, South Africa did fairly well in the sense that we were
not hit as hard as Europe and America. This meant the amount of people
who lost jobs was kept at a minimum and the country did not lose as much
money as predicted. This was evident in the middle of the recession
South Africa was spending billions on the soccer world cup. How was that

Firstly, we had one of the best financial ministers
in the world, Trevor Manuel. From the moment Trevor Manuel was elected
Minister of Finance in South Africa we saw continuous growth of our
economy. We are even part of the BRICS Nations, which consist of Brazil,
Russia, India, China and ourselves. Experts believe that the only thing
that holds us back is we have a smaller population than those other
BRICS countries.

Secondly, I believe the way Trevor Manual went
about running the Ministry of Finance was outstanding. He employed the
best staff and consultants to help him transform the Ministry of Finance
into what it is today. It has become South Africa’s best functioning
ministry. The National Credit Act sparked the development loan
administration software and other technology used in financial services.
This is the technology that determines how a person acquires loans from
banks and prevents over-indebtedness of consumers.

that the worst of the recession is over we need to implement ideas that
will prevent a future crisis. I believe we need quality leadership, we
need to improve on the technology we have, improving financial service
software development is one of the ways of doing this. This will allow
us to stay ahead of the game using technology to keep our financial
system in the black. Consumers need to save more and spend less. The
recession was largely caused by bad debt, so less debt will prevent
future problems. If we work together the country has nothing to worry